Property Assessment

With each property we manage for you we complete a property assessment. During the assessment we work with you to gather information about the property and establish your policies and preferences.

The areas we cover during the assessment include:

Basic Details

  • Address to the property
  • Description of the property
  • Desired rental pricing
  • Deposit amounts

Property History

It’s helpful to know as much as we can about the history of the property. Information we’re looking for includes:

  • Time owned
  • Previous damages and repairs
  • Known issues
  • Previous rent prices
  • Known criminal activity

Utility Assignments

We clarify the utility providers for the property and who will be responsible for paying for them. Examples include:

  • Gas
  • Electricity
  • Water
  • Sewer
  • Irrigation
  • Garbage


Each property needs to be covered under your home owners policy and we strongly recommend requiring tenants to carry a renter’s policy as well. For your policy, we’ll need to know:

  • Provider
  • Agent’s name
  • Policy number
  • Deductible

Policies and Preferences

We’ll work with you to determine the policies and preferences for your property. Areas we’ll assess with you include:

  • Pet policy
  • Landscape maintenance
  • Level of involvement
  • Tenant approval
  • Inspections
  • Capital improvements
  • Maintenance request handling

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