Our work is to create and help you sustain confidence that the investments you’ve entrusted us with are well cared for and that your tenants are well served.

How We Work

We start by getting to know you and understanding what matters to you most as a property owner. For instance, are you wanting to maximize the longterm value of your investment so you can capitalize on an eventual sale? Or are you wanting to maximize short-term income? Or a combination of both?

We want to make sure we’re a great fit for each other so we can work together as partners.

We meet in person or over a video call if you’re out of town. During the meeting, we’ll walk you through our processes, explaining what we do and how we do it. We answer your questions and work to make sure you feel confident at each step.

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Property Assessments

We assess each of the properties that you’d like us to care for and work together on a Property Plan, including the setup processes, rental pricing, policies and preferences, expected repairs, anticipated capital improvements, and scheduling re-assessments.   

Review the questions we ask during the property assessment. 


Next, we review pricing, prepare an agreement, review our understanding of your priorities and expectations, and set you up as a client.

Review our pricing.


Each month you’ll receive a report on your property along with tenant payments. Once each year, we’ll send you a completed Level Up Annual Review for each of your properties.

Want to review a sample report? Ask us and we’ll send you a copy.


You will have access to a dashboard that you can use to view property reports and details anytime. Your tenants are each provided with a dashboard as well, which they can use to setup online payments, file maintenance requests, access documents, and view reports and communications.

Want to see the dashboard in action? Contact us to schedule a demo.