We believe pricing should be simple, transparent, and aligned with value.

Setup Fee

This covers the Property Assessment and setup, including taking photos of the property, preparing the listing, and conducting the initial walkthrough.

The price is $250 per unit and is paid when you sign your Management Agreement.

Monthly Fee

We charge a fee of 8% per month of the total rent paid. That fee covers the following:

  • Property advertising – We prepare and list the property on popular rental sites, including Craigslist, Zillow, Trulia, Hotpads, and Facebook.
  • Tenant screening and placement – We screen and place tenants for you. Each screening includes a Nationwide Criminal Search, a Transunion® Credit Report with FICO® score, a Nationwide Eviction Search, Prior Address Search, and SSN Verification.
  • Leases – We handle all matters involved in leasing your property: including signing the lease agreement, move-in inspections, move-out inspections, disbursement of keys and collection of keys.
  • Payment management – We collect and deposit rental payments, making sure you’re paid on time. We offer automated payments via ACH and credit card and recommend that tenants utilize these services to streamline the process and avoid any late fees.
  • Tenant management – We serve as point of contact for your tenants, ensuring that their needs are well met. In the unfortunate circumstance where a tenant is no longer a fit, we work to get the tenant moved out as quickly as possible and, if necessary, guide you through the eviction process.
  • Property management – We conduct scheduled maintenance on the property and ensure that tenant responsibilities are being met. When repairs and improvements are needed, we manage those according to the policies and preferences we’ve worked with you to establish.
  • Property assessments – We conduct a yearly re-assessment of the property.
  • Reporting – We provide a monthly income statement and additional reports as needed.


We have an in-house maintenance team that helps to keep your costs low and service quality high. Our services include:

  1. Sprinkler repair
  2. Winterizing sprinkler systems
  3. Landscape maintenance
  4. Painting interior and exterior
  5. Drywall repairs
  6. Minor roof repairs
  7. Minor plumbing repairs
  8. Minor electrical repairs

Our rate is $75 per hour for properties not managed by us and $55 per hour for properties we manage, billed in half hour increments.


Additional costs may come up that aren’t covered as a part of the monthly fee and fall outside of maintenance. We work hard to minimize these costs and give you notice and options to make the best decisions for your property.

Examples of incidentals include:

  • Repair and service costs outside the scope of what our maintenance team can cover
  • Paid advertisements beyond initial listing
  • Professional photos
  • Additional walk throughs
  • Eviction costs

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